No Man's Sky. (Yes...this is halo infinite related.)

When No Man’s Sky released, it was thoroughly trashed. It was devoid of content, lacked a lot of the features that its developers advertised, it was a barebones experience that left everybody feeling let down. Two years down the line, the devs pulled on through and were able to make it a terrific game by releasing amazing updates to the game. This is a story about how a failure can be redeemed, about how a failed title can win people back. It is a story of hope…if I ignored the fact that nobody gave a crap about No Man’s Sky by the time these updates came around.

Initial impressions are everything. As much as I love Halo Infinite’s core gameplay, there are so many things wrong with it and you guys lost a lot of people that you are never going to get back, no matter what you do to fix the game. And that makes me sad, because I wanted Halo to return with a bang. Yes, I see a day where we can get functioning customs, and amazing forge, a working theater mode, fixed sync issues. But by the time these come around, is anybody going to care? It took you guys almost 8 years to fix MCC and it is still somewhat broken.

This game has so much potential…I just wish it had been fully realized at launch.


Too be fair, No mans sky was a super expansive game, even at release. Which could’ve caused problems. Halo Infinite was released with hardly any content and its just a MP and Campaign. Granted this campaign probably took more programming than most other Halo titles but essentially Infinite didn’t have the scope that No mans sky did. Kind of like cyberpunk’s release on the consoles, it was too much for the platforms to handle and even now, it still is too much for them. However, Halo should not be of that category. Halo is not that big and should not be facing as many issues as it currently is. Especially months after release. IMO

I have the same feeling about Infinite - similarities to No Man’s Sky are huge. The game with really big potential lacking a lot of content. If they could pull out of it, Infinite can too, but it requires a big, coordinated push from the dev team. AND listening to the community. Seeing recent changes and posts by the dev team, there are steps made in the right direction - which is one of the things that gives me hope for the future of infinite (along with things like leaks of the forge features). We have to have some patience though - it’s obvious they can’t fix everything and add new game modes and maps all at the same time. Having that said, the game should be still at early access, it isn’t full release ready. But I guess we sorta have to get used to big studios doing that recently…

There were a lot of people in No Man’s Sky who were never going to get back, who returned after the game got fixed. Sure it needed time, but the game has now a huge player base. And let’s not hide it, even the greatest games around don’t have 100% player retention - after initial hype players numbers always wane.

Infinite really does need a “No Man’s Sky” style recovery.

  • More locations and story elements from the concept art

  • Graphics Quality closer to the high visual fidelity of the 2018 trailer and better draw distance

  • Less Hexagon Pillars or more variety in their usage

  • A Large Scale Multiplayer mode like Battlefield style maps with an Improved Halo 5 Warzone mode

  • More vehicles, Playable Brutes and Elites

  • More Equipment

  • Better Warthog Handling, Slightly Weaker Ghost Health, Slightly Stronger Banshee health, Better Tank Handling, Better Banshee Handling, Halo 3 Brute Chopper Handling

  • The Halo Ring as seen from the ground needs a visual boost ( The Ring in Space looks amazing though ) The Destroyed section of the ring at the edge of the main Ring is inconsistent with the Ring Damage as seen from Space that has a much more realistic look to the Damaged sections. The Damage of the Halo Ring edge is literally a FLAT TEXTURE, even on Ultra settings.

    • This may be due to the fact that it is actual Geometry, instead of a nicely painted Skybox, so they should just Change it to a Skybox or do it like the Ring from the Map “Ascension” from Halo 2:A which has an Amazingly highly detailed Halo Ring
  • The Halo Ring Textures of the Ring in the Distance look really low res, esp compared to the Halo Ring from the background of Halo 2: Anniversary and Combat Evolved Anniversary


its also a game made by Indie Devs essentially, Internet Historian’s video on the game is a good showcase of its history, downfall and rise again.

I don’t think Infinite will be given the similar luxury, “some of the problems were caused by talking too much.” and since this is a game with a 10 year live service promise, they’ll have to keep on speaking, even if theres a fire they’re not telling us about.