No Man's Land achievement not unlocking

As title says, and if I open the Xbox One achievements app it doesn’t even say “DONE! Unlocking…” as it happened with other (now solved) achievement issues long ago, also, if I go to the career page on MCC my time is 15:10, but I beat 15:00 twice! (I did 6:00 circa on both Easy and Normal, 15:10 was my old best time) JUST GIMME MY ACHIEVEMENT!

I’m having the same problem with the Floor It! achievement. I’ve clearly beaten the par time (many times now) yet it is not even showing as “DONE! Unlocking…” I’ve signed out, hard reset my Xbox, and disconnected my Xbox from my internet (its hard wired). Rather frustrating…

I power cycled and it unlocked (I forgot power cycle exists, lol)