No Love Halo

I use to love halo played it as a kid. Now all I see is angry customers and ban city in game and on waypoint. If we are forced to use this as communications and can basically be banned or locked for anything then who’s looking out for us? Have over 100+ false bans from last few months alone just wondering who actually cares about the fans or should we move on and spend money on games with companies who want me their?

Ive been back for few weeks from service and I’ve seen people banned for freedom of speech. If you don’t want freedom of speech allow people in game to join and apply for companies.

This game went from favorite game to least played in under a week seeing all the false bans and no support so if no one can actually use free speech, why start this forum because then people just use other ways to word how they feel about 343 … I maybe saw one positive post on the first page I think that speaks for itself. Stop banning everyone seems you do it for fun at this point, you banned my friend who was with me at sea while he was away. How do you ban someone who’s not even physically there?

Was a good laugh but it just goes to show we have no one looking out for us with this new company. Thanks

If I’m wrong I’ll get answers, and if I’m right I’m sure I’ll be banned but at this point seems we’re all bound to be anyways when asking for help I’ve seen lately. Someone asks for help if they say anything bad they don’t reply just ban. Help people understand don’t just ban them. I’m not even speaking for me I’m speaking for the over 100+ fake bans and families and people and friends you have forced to quit the game due to lack of good forum support and manners one name came up big time and I’m sure everyone knows who but we can’t say anything right? Because we have no free speech.

You guys want to stop spammers and everyone from talking “negative” well stop being terrible hosts and help and listen. Learn how to solve conflicts without being power hungry on a video game platform and help the banned folks 343 or halo gamers with Special Treatment and power on a forum- who do a lot of misplaced banning. Including probably me for asking for help lol

We don’t just randomly lock topics or ban people on the forums for no reason, we lock topics and ban users for breaking the rules. A lot of these users have previous histories of disregarding the forums rules, which most people won’t see. We discourage discussing moderation and moderation policies in public because all it would do is open the flood gates to people complaining of being banned unfairly, when in actual fact if you see their history you would get a clearer picture.

Regarding free speech, this is a very common term that gets posted. This is a forum operated by a private company, when you sign up you agree to abide by the rules of this forum for the duration of you stay. If you break the rules then that gives ground for warning and bans. While you are welcome to express your thoughts and ideas, you certainly don’t get to say what ever you want and expect to get away with it without consequence.

XKCD sums that part up pretty well I think

I don’t think we have ever banned someone for asking for help, but depending on how they ask for it - spamming, swearing, making discriminatory comments, then yes that is the kind of thing we will take action against. We’ll never discuss another users moderation, but my inbox is always open if you wish to discuss aspects of the rules or any moderations action taken against you