No longer recieving any exp after matches now

Played roughly 10-12 March and haven’t received anything. No challenge exp no play one game exp nothing. Am I missing something or has 343 capped your gains??

I think the 50xp challenge has a cap, if I recall correctly it’s close to 50 matches per day.

Progression is so unappealing in this game.

If you play more than 50 matches in one day then you might have played a little bit too much. I didn’t even play 50 matches a day while trying to get 152, usually closer to 15.

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Difference is you weren’t getting a blanket 50xp per game for your time.

Yeah 50 matches per day is a serious grind already. I haven’t hit the cap once and I’ve been playing what I would call an unhealthy amount.

I just wanted to get the challenges done before bird day lol guess not lol

Yeah it has a cap because they don’t want you to progress the pass too much even incredible slowly.

This is completely -Yoink!- -Yoink!-. I haven’t played a game in roughly 6 hours. Get on this morning play my game complete my last challenge and bam - NO -Yoink!- EXP. 343 I thought you wanted us to grind our life’s away???