No longer halo

halo doesn’t seem like halo anymore
the assault rifle doesn’t have spread anymore. He only time you seem to be able to kill with it is if the enemy is perfectly in the crosshairs. It’s the assault rifle, you don’t rely on accuracy, you rely on its spread and inaccuracy to do the work.
the health regeneration when not running,
why? I’m just going to get shot then stand there waiting for my shields to regenerate while in a slightly different location where the enemy can still shoot and throw gernades. Or I can walk away from the firefight while the enemy is still running and will definetly catch up and take the kill then.
whats up with the spartan charge? I’m sure if a spartan was running at full speed then used thrusters aggressively, it would do more than just take down shields.

just my personal opinion, why do the Spartans talk to each other in game? Spartans are supposed to be silent killers, not super chatty
The feel of the game seems wrong to me.

  1. No, that was a horrible approach to the weapon. It purposely made it ineffective at anything but close range and even then you had to strafe a lot to get a kill with it. (Assuming you’re talking about the CE AR, which is the only one that fits tht description)

  2. That was something that people really hated about sprint in Halo Reach and 4. So they fixed it.

  3. Perhaps, but you don’t want to give players an ability that could easily kill a player. That would be irritating. That said, charge does need some balancing to make it more effective so that you have a chance to live while using it.

  4. Spartans were never silent killers, in the books they talked like normal soldiers do except the Chief was just really quiet. These are Spartan 4s which are much more chatty than their predecessors. They’re just regular soldiers with augmentations, not children who were trained and manipulated to be the best soldiers ever. Of course they’ll talk more.

In all halos, firing from he hip was more effective than the halo 5 ar, and stranger is that it’s the same ar from halo 4. And in 4 Spartans never talked in any matches. These are just my opinions about the beta.
another thing, while the floating while ads can be useful for stabilizing a shot, it also makes it difficult to fall and shoot.
the game also seems very gernade oriented
i love halo, there are just some things that I don’t agree with