No limited edition game with the Xbox bundle?

So close to getting me to upgrade my original xbox… You’d think if someone was excited enough for Halo 4 to buy a new xbox for it, they’d want the limited edition game to go with it. I’m still using the xbox I got on launch that I’ve had to send in 6 times now.

I’m sure there are reasons for not having the limited edition being packed with Halo Xbox, but if you don’t want the two copies of the game, do what I’m doing, buy both, and then give the extra copy to someone who is willing to pitch in to buy that copy.

How about you just buy both?

I hope you have 500+ dollars laying around though…

Look at the stuff that comes with them both, it’s the same.

The Xbox comes with the maps and extras the limited edition comes with?
Also I have far more money than necessary to buy this, I’m just cheap. :stuck_out_tongue:
Think I’ll ask my roommate if he wants to buy my normal edition, I preordered the limited one before the bundle was announced.

> Look at the stuff that comes with them both, it’s the same.

Actually they dont. In the latest bulletin, bs angel says they come with different downloadable content.

That’s unfortunate. I don’t think my old hard drive has the space for this game left on it. What did the original come with? Like 13 Gigs?