No Leveling System or Service Record?

I brushed this off during the flights because I assumed these mechanics were missing due to it being a flight build, but now that we’re playing the real deal…

  • Where is the leveling system?
  • Where is our service record?

Surely they didn’t expect us to be okay with the battle pass being our only form of progression, right? The battle pass can be bought out, so anyone with a large enough wallet can circumvent the grind everyone else has to endure, which takes away any sense of real progression. We need an additional progression/leveling system like in the previous Halo titles, so each match actually feels rewarding (and so we have a way of showcasing our veterancy and experience). Also, the lack of a service record is very concerning, because stats are essential for any competitive game.

I can’t speak for everyone, but the lack of these two core features makes the game very unfulfilling. For the past 15+ years I religiously played every Halo after completing its campaign, but for the first time I have no desire to play after my first session. I experienced everything that’s available in about 6 hours, and I feel as if all of my gameplay amounted to nothing. I hit level 3 on the battle pass… That’s it.

The lack of these features is so bizarre, that I can only assume it’s just not part of this “beta”. Hopefully that is the case, because I genuinely need them for me to be invested in matchmaking.

If anyone knows if these features are not going to be a thing, or if they’re being implemented later, please let me know.


I was amazed when I just realised that all that shows on the HI service record is the challenges and the battle pass! Where are my previous game stats, number of kills, deaths, medals, etc? Have I missed a page somewhere or is it literally all missing?!

yeah i thought you could customize your spartan in the app, maybe this will be added in later who knows.

How could they at all have gotten the impression we would want those features removed? Please 343 bring it back we beg you!

I was about to post a similar topic here. I really was hoping that during the flights the leveling system was left out. But now here is my real worry:

The only progression system is the battle pass.
You can only earn XP by completing challenges.

What happens when you encounter a challenge that you don’t like or does not fit you playstile: say I hate snipers, I have 3 challenges that involve using Snipers in very specific situations, I can skip them sure but I have to pay to skip a challenge? and I pay the same amount for a battle pass level?

The system seems half baked. Does not take into account players like us.

Closest I think we have is a Profile in game.

I don’t think any of my friends have completed their placement matches, so I am not sure if that’s available for others to see once you have been given a rank.

I do know that viewing my own profile I can see how far I am into my placement matches (and presumably what my rank is once I’ve been placed.)

Additionally the profile shows number of Matchmaking games, custom games, and highest Campaign difficulty completion.

This pretty much matches what I would consider to be in line with prior Service Records.

Halo 3 showed the campaign, highest rank, and number of games played (Rank, Social, Custom).