No Legendary or Heroic Achivement

Last night I completed the Legendary Solo Campaign. Upon completion I check my achievements and realized that I did not receive any achiements for doing so. When I check the achievement for completing the game on legendary it says 93%. I continued my game again to finish the final cinematic and let my game stay on through all credits and when I checked it again this morning same result. I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue. My Service record shows that all levels were completed on legendary and I did not use skulls though the entire play through.

sign in and out of xbl and see if that works. sometimes the achievements take a while to pop.

Same issue for me, i even tried a hard reset of my system jsut now and it still isnt working.

Same probleme is happening to me…this suck.

ok guys, thanks for all the responses and here is where I currently stand with this. 2 nights ago I completed solo campaign as mentioned above. last night I jumped on my Xbox for it to say 100% Done, Unlocking… but it was still technically locked. this morning I checked and it is unlocked now with a date from 2 days ago so it just took a little time but it came through. hope yours resolves itself as easily as mine did. we all know how hard it was to get this thing so we know we want the recognition. lol Happy hunting Spartans… next co-op completion.