No lag, but delay

I’m a big fan of SWAT and played it a lot in Reach. However, I noticed after a while that I lost 90% of the 50-50 duels because the reaction time from when I pressed the shoot-button to the shot actually killing my opponent in the game were longer than most players. From what I understood the Reach multiplayer gaming was based on hosts and all traffic from the other players in a game went through the host. So could the fact that there was an overwhelming number of US players have been the reason for my problems since the traffic from me had to travel a long way (I live in Norway)? And more importantly, is Halo 4 multiplayer gaming arranged the same way? In that case buying Halo 4 is out of the question since I was really pulling my hair in the end of my Reach SWAT career. On another note; how does the game select hosts and can I somehow know if I’m the one? I think my connection is ok, 10Mbps down and 5 up, my ping was about 60 last time I played Reach. I want to buy Halo 4 but I won’t do it until I know that I can compete with the big guys :slight_smile:

What country are you from?
Every halo game is based on the host system, even Halo 4. The host system causes lots of frustration, i’ll tell you that… as for SWAT, definitly not the best game type if you have an iffy connection. Hell, even with a good connection most people would rip out their hair in frustration at SWAT. It feels as if you are being aimbotted at times…

Halo 4’s matchmaking and networking is terrible compared to Reach. Unless you’re American you get laggy matches often because there are no matchmaking filters.

Even matches where the host is from the same country as yourself but has a poor connection can be terrible with multiple blackscreens but no host change.

I’ve played with friend’s using tethered mobile phones/satellite connections and they pull host so the host selection is just garbage and doesn’t perform adequate checks to choose a suitable host.

If you get frustrated by lag stay away from Halo 4.

Halo 4’s mediocre networking probably factored into 343i’s decision to move away from player hosts to dedicated servers with Halo 5 (or whatever the next Halo is called).

I’m usually the match Host in many games since I’m one of the handful of people playing in the middle of the night, so I rarely have to deal with this issue.

However! I fully understand your frustration. A gametype such as SWAT, as said before, is not the best to play if matchmaking offers dubious connections to other players. I’ve enjoyed SWAT since Halo 2, and I’ve also dreaded SWAT since Halo 2 due to this.

My advice would be to try to improve your connection, select ‘Good Connection’ for your matchmaking specifications or simply haunt a different playlist for a short while.