No international shipping?

A few days ago I found out that the Halo 4 LE that I already pre-ordered was un-preordered, perhaps with my money still gone. After asking customer support at amazon, I found out that legal issues and warranty prevented it from being shipped to my location, or rather, being allowed only to ship to USA locations.

And then, I went to Gamestop to buy it. No international shipping. Tried the microsoft store. They don’t even let me put an international address.

What the heck? Why is Halo 4 not being allowed to have international shipping, and if there is a place where I CAN buy it and have it shipped internationally, where?


Can you not find a game store in the country you’ll be staying at that would deliver?

Well first off it would help to know where you live…
If you ordered it off of then that’s slightly silly, you should of ordered it from your countries amazon website not the american website.
For example I’m from the UK so i will order mine from not from, uses british currency and it wont need to ship it either, it will just deliver straight to my house on day 1, if you order it from a website within your own country it wont need to ship, therefore problem resolved.

If this was a serious issue, as it seems it is, you would’ve responded by now.

Timezones…I live in Hong Kong, and there isn’t an Amazon site for that. And also, I tried other sites. No international shipping.

Mighty Ape might ship there?

> Mighty Ape might ship there?

New Zealand uses PAL, while my Xbox is NTSC-J. I need to buy NTSC, or NTSC-J with english voices like my Reach and ODST.