No ingame access to loadouts

So in the middle of an Infinity Slayer match on Complex I suddenly lost the ability to select a loadout (Was constantly spawning with the 2 non-changable loadouts) and when checking the scores, it wasn’t showing my service tag.

Just wondering, has this happened to anyone else?

Edit: Nevermind, looks like it could’ve just been an issue with the servers as they’ve just gone down now.

Nothing related to what you posted but it seems to fit well here,

When the host disconnects and it is selecting a new host everyone gets the first loadout that you made, not the one you selected at the beginning/mid (unless it is the loadout you selected).

IE: Loadout 1 is br, loadout 2 is dmr, i chose dmr when the game started, when the host quits/leaves, then i get the br loadout.

Also, as other people are reporting server issues at this time, I’ll say that sometimes it will have your loadouts (if you’re connected) and sometimes not. This was happening to me all day Tuesday.