No incentive to play

I finished my weekly challenges, with no way to progress any further… Meaning, I have no reason to play for the rest of the week. Sure I could earn 50 EXP per match in bot games over and over and over and over… But why would I do that when I can play something else? Please do not misunderstand. I would love to play Halo non-stop if I could progress towards something. However, that is not the case. After you are done with challenges for the week what do you do?


If they’re going to stick with just weekly challenges as a means of progression then there should be an unlimited number of weeklies to complete, but even then this system is uncompelling

I’d much rather have performance-based XP, I want to play how I’d prefer, not camp for 6 games to try & pull off an obscure kill requirement to complete a challenge.


I’m not against daily or weekly challenges but they should be a bonus to progression not, what is essentially, the only way to level up.

Every game mode generates a score for each player in each game so it wouldn’t be hard for them to just convert this into XP.


I agree with both suggestions. I liked what they did in Reach allowing players to earn experience towards your unofficial “rank” and unlock items along the way. Not just through a battle pass. If it is going to be through a battle pass only then yes there should be an unlimited number of challenges.

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Reach was the best progression system. They literally could’ve just copied it exactly and with how good the gameplay is in Infinite it would’ve been one of the best Halo games ever. Hope they decide to revert to a syetm like they had in Reach.

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Tbh I myself don’t even care about the challenges, the samurai armor, etc. I paid for the battle pass like a few days ago and barely realized today that it didn’t unlock itself and that I had to press unlock. I’d rather leave it locked and wait the 8th to see if there’s something new to put the points or whatever towards.

What I enjoy is just playing a new game with friends. All the other stuff…They’re nice bonuses that could have been made so much better…but nothing feels that great, nothing feels unique about customizations, almost everyone looks the same. Maybe that will change later on…but it just feels like each season everyone will basically pick the same best looking thing and drown out Any uniqueness.

Have you tried to get the multiplayer achievements yet?


Why don’t you play quickplay, BTB or ranked to progress? 50xp per game stacks up over time.

Please not Reach system though, literally the worst of all Halo games, although Halo 5 an extremely close second.

Fairly certain if you think the reach system was the worst in Halo you are in a VERY EXTREMELY SMALL minority. The reach unlock system is near universally looked at the best we’ve ever had, next to 3 & 4


You could play for fun maybe?


I feel the same way. I got my weekly challenges and my 7 event challenges done, so i really have no reason to play. They just need to add a regular progressive system along with the battle pass

How about to have fun with friends? Or just to play the game and get better?

Did you pick up Halo to grind out challenges or did you pick up Halo for a competitive multiplayer experience?


The method of earning credits to unlock things was terrible.

The game is actually fun. In my opinion, once the you’ve done all the challenges, the game improves immensely as you are no longer incentivized to look for opportunities to complete stupid challenges to the detriment of your team or your own enjoyment.

It’s weird that you are only incentivized to play by a meaningless progression meter going up and up. I mean, I’m not surprised, as other games introduced the concept of regeneration specifically because people didn’t like reaching the “end” and having “nothing” to do, so developers introduced regeneration just so you could make the pretty numbers go up again.


Yep, there should be progression xp towards level ups for earning rewards (Battle Pass, Tenrai etc) awarded for each game completed, with maybe some extra xp for players on the winning team, and a significant portion of the xp should be awarded and weighted based on individual performance. utter nonsense that the tenrai event you can only earn xp toawrds it from specific challenges you just have to HOPE you’ll get in your challenge list. challenge xp should be a BONUS to work towards, NOT the ONLY thing that gives you any progression whatsoever. I finished all my tenrai event challenges in basically 1 day’s worth of playing, now there’s abolutely no reason for me to play the Tenrai fiesta playlist because YOU DON’T GET ANY XP FOR PLAYING IT. dumb progression system.

Why not just… play the game because you like the game? Why do progression or customizations matter? They have no affect on the game whatsoever.

But they do. If they didn’t players wouldn’t be feeling the way the OP does and 343 wouldn’t be putting things like the battlepass, time limited events and the store front and center and such an integral part of the progression system.

Don’t blame players for the way 343 has made them feel about playing the game, blame the people that took years designing it expressly to be like that.

I will say that after completing all my weekly challenges… if my friends aren’t on for me to tag along with, my interests then go to playing Ranked - or MCC lol.

I have a lot of fun just playing Halo campaigns to this day.

With Infinite coming out in a Live Service model, I was concerned the game would basically be the only game I wanted to play.

But the way the XP acrument just drops like a rock after completing your 20 challenges/ultimate for the week… the only thing I can really think to do is play ranked or MCC campaigns.

I do enjoy playing with my friends, but if I’m online solo and out of challenges… well I guess I can choose whatever I want without seeing a difference in XP - ranked is a good choice I think though as it’s a never ending “endgame.”

I do think the progression needs to be addressed further, however I will say the way they have it set up now makes it easier to walk away each week once you’re done.

That’s not exactly the goal 343i had in mind I’m sure (they and other companies aren’t competing for your money, they want your time.)

At this point it’s not even just the challenges or progression. It’s also lack of game modes, lack of maps and not being able to play how you want to play by selecting a certain playlist. Instead we’re forced into playing modes we don’t want to play because that’s all there is and after about two weeks I don’t want to play as much anymore because even if I get a game type I want to play it’s usually in the same maps over and over again with no variety. Like in normal arena I’ve only seen the spaceship map twice and every other game is usually bazaar or the training map anf for BTB it’s usually just the wasteland map with the big gun in the middle that goes off every now and then.

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I’m not going to bother playing with this current progression system. It doesn’t appeal to me, so I’m just going to wait for campaign to come out.

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