No in-game sounds

Hey all, I bought the MCC on steam a few days ago and have been incredibly frustrated due to it being unplayable. Allow me to explain:

The sounds play find in the main menu. The music plays, the sound of moving through the menus plays without fail, yet its when I get into actual gameplay do the problems begin.

As soon as I’m in any game and can move, the sounds are entirely mute. I can’t hear the announcer, footsteps or gun sounds. Yet when I hit the pause menu the sound works on that. It is just the actual game sounds that are mute.

To add to this, the sounds work perfectly fine if I play without Easy anti-cheat on. So its safe to assume that the system is flagging my sounds for some reason I can’t even begin to figure out.

I can’t seem to find anyone else with this problem and I’m really at a loss. I love halo yet it seems this game wants to prevent me from enjoying it.