No In game sound for Any campign (PC)

I just recently bought MCC on steam and I started to play reach and I noticed that the sound wasn’t great. I did some digging and found that it’s a known issue and I was also using my speakers at that point. I decided to buy a new headset seeing if that would help and Got a Razer Kraken tournament edition.

Everything for the headset is working well with every other game I’ve tried, however when starting up the MCC i get a bunch of sound issues. Sometimes there won’t be any sound at the start, no menu music or anything, other times there will be, but the biggest issue is I have no sound when loading either the reach or CE campaign. I’ll have menu music and effects for options and everything and once I load in there’s nothing. No talking no gunfire nothing. If i hit esc and go into options I still have sound in the menu in game though.

Is this just part of the audio problems with the game that they’ve addressed or is there something to try? The weird part to me is that the sound works ok other than the crackling on my speakers, seems to only be an issue with my headset that there’s no sound in game. Thanks!