No in-game currency earning in halo infinite

The only way to get in-game currency is to pay for it with real money ! NO game does that! I haven’t played COD or Fortnite but I know there is someway to earn a little currency by only playing the game.
they must give us some in-game currency by just playing the game! 343 please listen. I know there are some ways to even earn as much currency to but next season battlepass in other games ! but in halo infinite, we have to pay real money for 10 years ! :expressionless:


I play Fortnite. I’ve only paid for the Save The World single player and logging in each day eventually you get vbucks, the in game currency. What’s funny though is their battle pass is 950 Vbucks but they give you 1500 throughout the pass so I’ve never bought a battle pass with real money. This is something I thought was lacking in Infinite. They SHOULD give an avenue to earn the in game currency on the battle pass cause that’s ridiculous.

currency in the pass and weekly currency from campaign should be a right