No Halo @ Xbox Showcase is a huge red flag

Sad day to be a halo fan these days. This pretty much confirms 343i has nothing content wise for us until Season 3.

Is 343 trying to actively kill Halo Infinite?


I can’t really imagine what they’d show.

Can’t say I’m surprised at all this.


There must be some kind of internal sabotage going on inside 343i


Absolutely agree. With how poorly received the game has been content wise I felt they had to show something off to save it, even if it’s just the campaign coop or forge mode we know they have coming (hopefully) in the next 6 months.

But nothing atall? Big red flag. Pretty confident in saying Halo is no longer the flagship Xbox title at this point. This essentially confirms no campaign dlc in the next year, and makes me wonder how far into development the CA gamemode really is. Looks pretty bleak.

After the catastrophic tv adaptation too I’m really feeling the franchise needs to be given to someone with a better track record of overseeing and maintaining franchises. It’s really not good.


So many Indie games revealed, so little interest I had in them except for Forza Motorsport

Can’t believe I stayed up to 5am for this


I think the best part of the Xbox Showcase was partnering with Hideo Kojima. I don’t know what to expect, but it is safe to assume that it could gain a lot of attention somehow.

Diablo 4 and Scorn looked badass.

Starfield looked interesting. I just love Bethesda’s RPGs even with all the bugs, they still stand out above the rest to me.

I expected a teaser for Halo Campaign DLC but nothing still, I guess they really needed more time to finish writing that half baked Infinite plot lol


Hey, maybe we’ll see something during the second stream. Or maybe not. Who knows.


At this point EA really screwed up not doubling down on Anthem


As others have said. I’m not surprised considering they don’t even have much coming in next weeks drop pod so ultimately it’s not as big a deal when you think about it.


What to you expect from a company which can’t even code a UI tgat isn’t interfering with tgeir content? Absolutely no surprise at this point…


This was a great showcase for Xbox. Maybe you just don’t like games?

Imagine being so attached to Halo, and therefore detached from the rest of gaming, that you can’t recognize how many genuinely better games were just shown off at this year’s showcase.


Sad state of affairs that the flagship series for Xbox has literally nothing to show on the biggest announcement day of the year, after released an unfinished game 7 months ago.

Is there a second part of this event? Surely they have to have something to show


I hate to say this but maybe there should be a changing of the game developers it seems a lot of people are not satisfied with how 343 is handling this


There is one more showcase in 2 days. We can hold out hope, but I feel I’m about to eat my own words in another thread.


They confirmed that nothing new would be showcased.

This means, if you don’t know it exists, then it won’t make an appearance.


I was hoping for a tease for an upcoming event, coop, forge, or S3. Getting nothing is pretty disappointing


Looking at Starfield, that kind of game design is what I was hoping Halo Infinite would be like. Massive, beautiful, very interesting terrains, with wildlife, and dinosaurs, as well as space dogfights. In Halo Infinite, we got Canada with hexagons, monkey things, and chickens. Was hoping for Reach style dogfights again since an unfinished Sabre was apparently found in Halo Infinite files, and still hoping for it someday. Even just in Forge. Speaking of Forge, they could have shown us some of it at this Microsoft show. We got nothing.


Don’t hold your breath for the Tuesday event. Geoff Keighley says that it might just be devs talking about the games that got released.

Seems like we’ll have to wait even longer for more info.

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[for those dissappointed today, please recall: : halo (]

4 numbers

this was announced on 4/27. Extended showcase on 6/14.

Could be a cooincidence. But I think that’s solid evidence for at least a slither of hope.

Although I’m also not expecting anything beyond a coop and forge teaser and maybe a release date… (maybe).


I can only hope that the reason why the 343i did not participate in this showcase is that Bethesda’s game is the key marketing object of the showcase.

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