No grenade indicators!

This is something I just realized. It appears that there will be no grenade indicators in Halo 5. I think this is a good thing. Thoughts?

Normally, I don’t have a problem with them, but combine them with Thruster Pack and its much more of an issue. Taking them out helps keep grenades relevant.

No nade indicaters helps keep things fair. If i am chasing someone and they hide from my sight and radar, when i toss a nade at where i think they are they earned putting doubt in my mind if i hit them or not. With indicators that removed the doubt so even if they earned the escape the dont get the chance to fight back.

Being able to always fight back is one of the things i like about halo and makes it diffrent. All those generic fps titles are all about who sees who first. I like having to actually fight for my victories.

Good ridence nade indicator you shall not be missed.

It makes you wonder. If they’re happy about not having an indicator in their own new shiny game why do they feel the need to put one in H2A?