No games or just false settings?

Hey Boys, ive got a problem, mostly i dont find any game in multiplayer, cant search for blitz or ranked all modes never find a game, if i go casual 2vs2 soemtimes i can find a game. Ive got open Nat, 23 ms ping no package los.
PLaying HW2 on PC boys, if soemoen had the same prob and fixed it, so help me pls :frowning:
Want to play more HW2 :confused:

The problem is your playing on PC almost no one plays on PC.

rly? thats sad, so i need to buy another XOne :I

WerRolf, game will be on steam wait for it. I think we will find many players after that.

so i need to buy it a second time or get the MS Store version same server as steam servers?