No Game History Timestamp?

Am I just crazy and really missing it here or have they removed the match timestamp? I can see the date a game was played on and how long it lasted, but it doesn’t show at what time of day it was played. Am I just missing it? Or do I have another legitimate reason to be annoyed with 343?

I can see it perfectly fine, it appears when you view the game: Example, look below were it says Sword Base - TU Slayer DMRs, it says 3.31.2012 & how long it lasted.

FAIL x 2. Waypoint threw up on your link. But you’ve simply validated OP’s point. There is a datestamp, no timestamp. They are different.

343 is really falling down hard on waypoint. They have had 2+ years to figure this stuff out.

Yep. No timestamp. It is possible that the games are arranged from most recent to oldest on the page. The timestamp, and all the things that were on bungie or accessible through their API are still being collected. Just kept secret. So we have more time to think about halo 4? I like most of the things 343 does, except their handling of stats.

And using links here is more complicated than they were at bungie. The link you gave,, works only for you when you’re logged in. If you want it to work for anybody else, or when you’re not logged in, you must include the gamertag of somebody involved in the game else waypoint gets confused. Successful link would be something like:

I really wish there was a timestamp when looking at your game history. Not having that data pretty much ruins the reasons for me looking at the game history. I check it see when I played, and also when my friends have played so I know how long they’ve been playing before I get on.


You should see the game timestamp for your own games.

It looks like right now, if you are signed in and viewing your own games, you only see the date.

We’ll take a look at this.

Thanks for letting us know.

Waypoint Team

Note that the iOS and Android apps both show your game timestamps, so you can always look there in the meantime.

Waypoint Team

Thanks for the help. But I would like to be able to view everyone’s timestamps, not just my own games. Like the other user said, I like to see how long my friend has been on and what playlist he’s been playing through the most. Also, there’s a halo stats app? I only have the Bungie app that is pointless now. I didn’t know 343 put one out.

Oh ya, the Halo Waypoint app. I downloaded it when it came out and then deleted it. But so you know, the “timestamp” just says “12:00am” for every single game, mine or not.

> Note that the iOS and Android apps both show your game timestamps, so you can always look there in the meantime.
> Waypoint Team
> jh

Where is the timestamp supposed to appear? All I see on the iOS app is the date the game happened, and then if I click on a specific game I can see the game’s duration. But neither of those things is a timestamp. It looks the same viewing my history, or somebody else’s history, and being signed in/out doesn’t change anything.