No friendly fire is horrible and you know it!

To those that whine and cry about getting betrayed for their power weapons and that’s why it’s good that they removed friendly fire in the slayer modes, I say to you grow a pair! Halo is a man’s game! If you don’t have the skill to out maneuver a teammate with zero aim assist then you don’t deserve to have the power weapon in the first place!

I am sick and tired of assaulting a group of enemies only to have all of them rocket me and grenade me and then have everyone walk away from that encounter without a scratch but me! If you shoot a rocket at a teammate he should die, if you shoot a rocket at an enemy and a teammate then they both should die! It’s simple, why did they remove friendly fire, it makes the game worse without it, and all of you know it!!!

I completely agree with you. Friendly fire needs to be turned back on. I rarely got betrayed in the other Halos, and I forgave 90% of the people who betrayed me.

I actually like the feature. The only thing I don’t like is how you can blow up friendly vehicles.

100% agree. Friendly fire has always been in halo and should have never been removed.

I really wish there was friendly fire. For all the times you grab a sniper rifle, stalk, then take aim and right before you pull a trigger a friendly stands in front of you… My brother in law did it to me last night… I wish he would have died.

If wanting to kill your teammates to take their stuff is your motive, I am not quite with you on this.

However, I agree that friendly fire should be on. Always.

This is purely because dumb teammates keep destroying my vehicles and I cant boot them.

I do not agree. i should not lose k/d or spree just because a team mate wants that kill so badly. in many occasions in Halo reach my perfections are ruined because my team mates are too impatient and want so kill so bad and i have to be punished for something that wasn’t my fault. it’s incredibly frustrating for lone wolf player’s like me.

> I really wish there was friendly fire. For all the times you grab a sniper rifle, stalk, then take aim and right before you pull a trigger a friendly stands in front of you… My brother in law did it to me last night… I wish he would have died.

Yeah… And then right after you fill your team mate, you get booted.
Friendly fire can stay, but it needs to be adjusted.

Yeah you guys may not get betrayed alot, but others do run into people who get off at the idea of killing their own team mates, or kill team mates because they picked up a sniper rifle, only to be a really crappy shot, or don’t even use it.

Friendly fire made the game more fun to play! It added a sense of awareness that you needed in order to succeed. Right now the slayer modes just feel like a big free for all, where you can only damage half of the people on the map. Everyone just runs around and does their own thing, and it feels an awful lot like that one popular shooter that came out last week (the postgame stats don’t even show the final team score of the game, it is all just individual stats)…

I like no friendly fire. However it needs to be extended to vehicles.

I don’t know, I don’t really miss 8 year olds (and 8 year olds in spirit) shooting me in the back all the time…

The problem I see with this is now that we have ordinance drops, a teammate sees that you just got a sniper from your own ordinance and thinks “I should kill him for that.” and then you have an issue.
People would betray for the ordinance drops.

And it would be ridiculous.

You can still betray people with vehicles, that’s probably why I didn’t realize it was off.

Yes, because nothing says fun like being shot from behind by your teammate on purpose because you managed to get X before they did.

I understand that ordinance drops make it more enticing to betray a teammate, but without a power weapon it is actually quite difficult to take down a teammate without any aim assist. I am good at Halo (trust me:), and me and my little brother try to betray each other all the time with normal load out weaponry, and I have to say that it is actually quite a feat to pull off (we usually run out of ammo and resort to meleeing each other). My point being is that the only way to easily betray you is if your teammate already has a power weapon, and the chances that he uses his power weapon to take your power weapon seem to be rather low (at least from what I have seen in previous halo’s).

I do agree that removing friendly fire was just lame. Boot them if they betray.

At least keep the settings consistent. It feels like every playlist has different FF rules.

I agree, the lack of friendly fire would be less noticeable if it was consistent across all game modes. Whenever I jump into an objective game I forget that friendly fire is disabled, and that has led to a few unfortunate teammate (I usually get the enemy too) deaths at the hands of my grenades.

I think the removal of friendly fire was a smart choice in slayer modes because you have to look at it from a different perspective on why they did it. let’s take any map with a mantis for instance, any team mate could just very well betray your entire team if he/she wanted too.

or in the case of an accidental betrayal let’s say the player operating the mantis needs to use the stomp attack in order to prevent an enemy from hi-jacking it and an ally player was next to the enemy the mantis was trying to kill, now because he used the stomp attack and betrayed a teammate and because of the fact that no one cares if it would have been an accidental betrayal or not the betrayer will most likely get booted from the game.

The same principle applies for all power vehicles and weapons just because you try to use weapons without learning there new properties and end up dying like a noob isn’t the games fault, learn to as you put it “ADAPT” and with all the new weapons like the binary rifle, pulse grenade, and the Incineration cannon “the new splash damage weapon by the way” you would be betraying your teammates left and right just because of how often the weapons are sometimes used in close courters combat like for example the center building in exile. It’s a good thing and was added for a reason.

and yes not everyone boots players from the game whether the game be Reach or halo 4 but alot of people do and alot of people would betray you if they could and chances are you would betray them too just because you knew that you could or because they had a weapon you wanted or didnt get.

there will always be more chances to get a rocket launcher or sniper or what every you wanted mabe not in that game but eventualy you will, theres no need to kill your teammate just because their acting like and idiot or because there a noob. If you know your better then them then prove it by being better then them without using that weapon or prove it the next time you get it.

I’m completely baffled that people want to bring back accidental betrayals, being betrayed for weapons, or being betrayed for fun by a teammate.

I’m glad friendly fire is out.