No Footsteps Creates Competitive Issues

Hey all, just trying to keep some actual gameplay tweaks on the radar beyond battle pass shenanigans. There was a previous topic that didn’t get much attention so I thought I’d double down–there’s currently an issue where ambient noise (footsteps, etc) is either extremely quiet or nonexistent, and it’s a bit of a mess for competitive when combined with no radar. In strongholds, for example, it’s pretty routine (and now I’ve started doing it too) to simply not even try to shoot at someone controlling a zone, and instead just walk around behind them and beat them down since they can’t hear you coming.

I understand that there’s some complications around no radar (in h5 part of its purposes was balancing sprint), but in combination with the noise piece, there’s a serious lack of map awareness in competitive outside those who are full-team queuing and really chatting it up. Hopefully people will use ping/markers more, but I’m not sure that really works that well anyway, it’s so fast paced that you end up with a zillion pings everywhere.


Yeah the mix is so loud that you won’t hear footsteps. A slight improvement can be made by turning off ‘dynamic’ innthe audio menu’.

Wear headphones? I can hear footsteps pretty well with my cheapo headphones.

Yea footsteps use to be real good in Halo. Audio needs to worked on for sure.

As long as we don’t turn this game into Modern Warfare 2019 where you could hear people stomping around halfway across the map with headphones. I’d much rather have a game with footsteps too quiet rather than too loud.

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I think the footsteps are tuned fairly well. I can hear them clearly in my headset but they aren’t so loud as to be distracting/annoying.