No fiesta 343 get on it

Can’t find fiesta. Think it ain’t there. Hlp ples

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The yellow star thing pops up for quickplay, so I thought that would be it. However, none of my challenges are tracking. Guess I just wasted a double xp card. Sweet,

Yeah I can’t find fiesta on quick play, btb, ranked arena playlists. I got really excited when I read fiesta on the challenge I got, started thinking about the 5V5 fiesta slayer on Halo 5 sooo good.

Abit miffed by it cos when stuff like this happens, in most cases, we don’t get an update or its fixed till about a day later.

The event isn’t live yet, starts in 23 minutes :]

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Thanks for info :+1:Fingers crossed for 5V5 fiesta.

Damn, y’all don’t have school or work and are hopping on right away? I usually give the event a good 6-8 hours before I even try it lol

Yeah, by the way, fiesta went live at 1:00 PM EST like I said. Hop in! :]