No Feedback "Forum Community"?

I understand that if there was a community for feedback it may get flooded with forum posts but how can we make suggestions to 343i where they will actually hear us?
I am a member of the Halo Community Feedback Program but that is just a monthly survey and not only is it a very controlled controlled survey, but it isn’t even from 343i, it’s from Microsoft who has psychologists analyze it and then give the analyzed data to 343i.

Why is this a problem? Well if I have an idea that I think is revolutionary and even 343i might think it is too but if I’m the only one who has ever had the idea and vocalized it then when Microsofts analytics team looks at all of the surveys they’re only going to give 343i the ideas that show up in patterns. So my fabulous idea that no one has ever heard before is now lost… Drowned out by the more common ideas.

So 343, if you’re listening… Please give us a place to directly post feedback and put it all in one place and not scattered around.

I’m GrinningTybo signing out

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