no falcon or hornet in forge?

No falcon or hornet in forge??

bsangle said she may had forgotten things…

There needs to be some type of UNSC air vehicle. If not the hornet or falcon, then they need to add a new air vehicle. Earlier they said that there was going to be 2 new vehicles. The only new vehicle that we have seen so far is the mantis. The mammoth doesn’t count as a new vehicle, because they had it in Halo 3. It was called the elephant.

Yesterdays bulletin said that the forge list was semi comprehensive meaning it had some stuff missing, so one of which could be the UNSC flying vehicle.

I really hope there is a UNSC flying vehicle.

I would be absolutely stupefied if they didn’t have a UNSC air vehicle. There is absolutely no reason to take it out, and in my honest opinion–MY opinion, I don’t know how you all feel–I’d much rather have a Falcon or Hornet (or something new) than the Mantis or…a shade turret? You’ve got to be kidding me, how many maps in all of Reach used the Shade turret?

I’m holding out hope because of that line about “semi-comprehensive,” but I feel like it’s just not there. Why wait until the week before release to confirm a RETURNING vehicle?

Seriously! I’ll be so disappointed if we don’t have a UNSC Air vehicle! Plus, you would kinda expect to see some Forerunner vehicles, but we definitely have not seen any at all. I dunno… If all we have is a banshee, it’s gonna affect a lot of aspects (ie. Multiplayer, Forge, Campaign, Gametypes, Machinima, etc…)

its not in, im not happy about it either. bs angel didnt forget any vehicles… thats why all these threads are begging for 343 to make it a dlc or TU

I was expecting a large map and blank as in halo reach, to fly and obviously one flying vehicle of the UNSC