No Exp What can I do ?

Hi every one here is the thing.

Yesterday date:21/11/2012 I was playing halo 4 online and everything was ok But then when i went to the halo waypoint site thrugh my xbox 360 And put the codes for the raidar Armore And then went back to halo 4 and i put my armor on And when i finished the game I didnte recieve any Exp So i thought it was teh armor that did let you have exp So I toke it off and put on the first armor the recruit armor And played Swat but stil after it was over i didnt recieve any exp.

Am i baned? or why is that happing to me ?
I didnt do any thing wrong I just put the code in the clasified section

Gamertag: ConcludedJewel1

the whole armor set gives you like 2000xp only.
just play a spartan ops game in easy, you’ll get ~3000xp, if that’s all what matters to you.

You probably hit the XP cap.