No excuse for BTB to not have BR starts!

You guys can play BTB ?



BTB is made for BR starts, not ar/pistol lolololol


No, this sounds awful. All BR starts will do, is create severe camping. It will severely limited the sandbox as people will only use the BR and not any other weapon. If you want BR starts, go ahead and play ranked and Tactical Slayer.

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Agreed. Game flows much smoother with BR starts. I want them implemented ASAP.


This is such a dumb statement. People don’t camp in Halo hardly. Someone is playing their first Halo game I see. People are just afraid of others being better than them and make every excuse in the book to stick with an AR start. It’s sad

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Who is playing their first Halo? If you refer to me, I’ve been playing since Halo CE and had my live account since 2004.
It’s okay if you are one of the newer players here, we will accept you.

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Actually the AR exist so people are encouraged go search for the weapons they want.

Like it’s always been. Are you saying you’re not skilled enough to hold down BR rack consistently? Because I can do that just fine and I suck at this game.

I play a good amount of BTB and you don’t see many people waiting for weapons. If they do half of them are probably needing it for a challenge anyways. It’s not a crazy feat to do well in BTB without a BR. I like the non BR starts because it forces people to move and you get a little more chaos on the map. Play tactical slayer if you want a campfest.

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Br starts is a terrible idea in general. Ranked sucks just because of this choice. It ruins the sandbox and makes everyone camp.


Absolutely not. The AR and Sidekick are more than adequate in Infinite (finally) AND there are enough ranged weapons around the map where you can find one if you really want, but not enough where everyone can have one and thus people actually have to play the map and get close to each other and move around rather than play American Revolution/Civil War Simulator like in previous iterations of BTB.

This was a big problem especially in Reach and Halo 5 (slightly less so in Halo 3) where the maps were clearly not designed with the ability for everyone to be able to fight from halfway across the map on every spawn. BR/DMR spawns made some maps nearly unplayable.

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They need to just use the breacher BR as the starting weapon for BTB. Would be perfect.

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This wouldn’t be an issue if they used the breacher BR start for BTB.

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I’m saying BTB variants need to be implemented so you can have the occasional br start but it shouldn’t be br starts only.

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Can verify, need something better than my starting weapon liiiiterally every time I spawn lol.


that’s the idea right there. Big Team BRs.
I do really see it as a camper fest creator. With the team body shot meta going on right now big team BR could get nasty real fast.

As much as I agree with the needing to be a BR starter for BTB, I think they did this for a reason.

The excuse is that everyone will be sniped out of their vehicles or halfway across the map.

As much as I would like to do that with the BR in infinite’s BTB, I think it’s what hurt halo 2 anniversaries BTB’s blood gulch. At least I’ve seen explications on why spawning with a BR on a big map kind of ruins the fun, as fun as it is to snipe

So I’m in the middle in this. I love the BR, I would love to get to spawn with it on big maps. We’ll see what happens w/ future updates.

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Yep just give everyone a S7 already

“Muh BR starts”
You kids all sound the same to me.
“Waaa waaa waaa I’m banned from CoD so I gotta play Halo now but MID-CLOSE RANGE FIGHTS?? WAAAA GIMME BR WAAAA”

What, you think it’s a good idea to spawn in front of an entire firing squad of BR guys across the map and get wiped instantly? You must be new to BR starts, lol.

AR starts prevent fights from being entirely decided at long range. BR starts prevent “The Dance” from happening at all, which is imperative to Halo feeling like Halo.

Been playing since CE.

Far from a kid, i was probably ((edit. Your bio tells me I was)) older than you are now when I played CE.

Weapon starts and getting spawn killed cross map wouldn’t be an issue if the BTB map design, vehicle spawning and power weapon spawning was the same as every other Halo.

Spawning with a weapon that doesn’t belong in a particular gametype should not be the answer, fixing the maps etc is.

Never played CoD - isn’t that the spray and pray AR type game - kind of the opposite of your argument?

You can easily cross map team fire with AR in this game.


It’s hardly searching when you spawn with an armoury at your feet.