No excuse for BTB to not have BR starts!

Highpower and Fragmentation are not maps designed for AR starts. AR starts should be a BTB variant, but default BTB needs effective long range weapons!


I kinda fear like this will result in a camper-fest if everybody starts with BRs.

Maybe they could sort of “test” it with an event-like playlist and see how it goes?

The BR is very effective on long range.


As opposed to what we have now-

  1. Spawn/respawn
  2. Stand looking at a blue bar filling up from weapon rack
  3. Pick up BR

No-one leaves the first rack they see until they have a BR/power weapon or as a last resort commando.

They literally stand there watching a blue bar fill up before they do anything every single life. It’ll make no difference other than reducing the time spent staring.


I mean if that’s how you guys want to spend time on your BTB games, then go for it. I rarely see anyone standing waiting for the BR, everyone’s just running out, holding and fighting over the power positions on the maps


I played it for less than a week excluding challenges - I stopped playing it because it’s all anyone does.


And your fighting for a power position on a BTB map so you can hold it with a pistol and AR? Top strats :+1:


Well power positions typically offer power weapons, maybe you should try it before whining about not having a BR?


I do not observe the same (considering I find a BTB match with the bugged servers nowadays…).
Yes these racks are cleared often immediately but there’s also other weapons or vehicles (which are in my opinion what should make BTB mode) around.

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I might make a montage of all the shenanigans that go on at the racks.

The lone t-bagging, the rack punching, the spinning round in a circle, the watching them waiting then running in the last second, phasing through them and stealing it is my personal favourite.

Ok, we must be in parallel universes then, it happens constantly to me - obviously if there’s other, stronger weapons then they’ll go for those first but whoever loses the race for them comes back for a BR.


And this is why people lose a game is because instead of players playing they have folks spawn camping weapon despensers. Not every mode needs br starts go play ranked or tactical if you can’t enjoy a mode without it.

The many scoped variants litter the map as is, I can’t tell you how many times you’ll see people camping with scope glint only moving when shot at. Instead of playing objective they try to get a high k/d and when its straight up slayer they’re usually the ones being picked off by folks actually playing the map and flanking them.

Yeah that’s exactly what I said THEY do

Yeah that’s exactly what I said I did

The balancing of the weapons including BR is a different matter but making players spawn with a :poop: weapon will cause them to wait for a better weapon.

BRs were fine in previous Halo’s BTBs. To be honest the whole BTB gametype is terrible in infinite. Heavy vehicles spawning only at the end of the match, cover everywhere (covers fine but too much), limited choices of vehicle routes etc etc is a far bigger problem than starting weapons. If the BTB maps were anything like any of the other halos, having a BR wouldn’t be a problem at all in anything you’re mentioning.


BTB in Infinite is by far the worse out of all the Halos tbh. I played just one BTB match and that was enough for me, it was so awful idk where to even begin.


Now I can agree on this, map’s feel great for foot traffic but the routes vehicles can go are slim unless you’re extremely skilled driver or have a death wish. The air drops are nice but when they clutter mid map for existing vehicles it shows that some paths are to narrow. You see this happen time and time again with vehicle’s jamming up trying to get past each other.

Then turrets don’t respawn or take forever to respawn feeling niche. But I fear if heavy vehicles were always spawning we’d have issues where teams would be camping tank spawns like we do with folks waiting on flying stuff. The gew times Ive flown the banshee I can say it feels like there’s little room to maneuver, the bombs weak and slow, main guns hardly do anything with how fast it is.

Maybe if there was a open ariel map for dogfighting but as is compared to the unsc’s offering they feel so outclassed. It needs tighter turn radius, the ability to slow descent or something to balance it. Ive only seen kills due to splatter or already weakened vehicles/enemies getting bombed. Never the main guns.

Warthogs, mongoose and choppers feel like they roll or bounce to much. The chopper feels like a farcry from its original design and actual saddens me. The gungoose feels so niche, its weapon just doesn’t suit the mechanics. And using its to for its weapon’s usually leaves people exposed.

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AR starts are for people who can’t aim in the first place. FACT. there is legit no skill gap involved with holding down RT. It’s not even fun to play. Heck, even the magnum got nerfed to a sidekick, and the sidekick is overshadowed by the Ar because of the amount of complaining because you can’t compete.

You guys shouldn’t be holding sway over the community like you have been, such a small minority that’s super loud.

You should have Team Auto Arena, and Team Auto slayer. You’ve had 3 games with ARs that are strong, and we’ve had zero BR starts aside from ranked in infinite… it’s insulting.


I play a lot of BTB.

You’re right that something needs to change but I don’t think BR starts would be healthy.

Its more simple than that. We just need a few more BRs in spawn.

Especially the weak spawn in HighPower. How anyone thought it was OK to give one team 5 possible BR spawns and the other 2 possible spawns is beyond me. This means some games you end up with no BR spawns at all and you simply can’t compete against a half-competant team.

Fragmentation is OK IMO. There’s 6 spawns per side and with power weapons and vehicles it works.

Highpower needs a rebalance. 2 more spawns for the weaker side.

Deadlock needs maybe 1 or 2 extra per side.

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They should at least try it. Most people I see that don’t want it seem to think this game is TU Halo Reach where you could cross-map with the DMR. Either that or it’s people who want to sit in the wasp all match and are afraid of getting shot at more. This is a different game with different weapons. I pick up any weapon I already would with pistol/AR starts when I have a BR already.


BR starts on BTB would be fine if they gave us the Breacher variant.
It has lesser effective range than the regular BR and fires as fast as H2 BR.


I’d be fine with them having both AR start and BR start modes in the overall BTB playlist if for nothing more than to add just a little more variety to it.

I’d love a BTB variant with commando starts as a compromise


Fix Commando first.
The gun is so horrifyingly bad. Everytime I decide to give it a chance, it just makes me regret it.

It does worse damage than a Sidekick.