No Easy Way Out!

Hey Guys could anyone help me?

I Need the achievement no Easy Way Out 20G.

It Says" chapter 1 Episode 5 "
Survive all enemy Waves on normal or harder difficult.

I did it 3 Times , normal , Hard, legendary.
But no 20 gamer points! But why?
Anyone had a answer for me?
Did i something wrong? Thx for help!

Did you die at all?..

Dont die and it should unlock after you finsh protecting the two areas.

No i did Not die.
Did it on singleplayer!

The areas Would Not be destroyed by Allianz i could Save the two areas???

From what I can gather from reading - there are three criteria:

  1. must be done on heroic or harder - not normal (glitch)
  2. one of the two defense points must not be destroyed
  3. only one person has to stay alive (other 3 can die all they want) for all to
    get the achievement.

I recommend doing it with randoms, you’ll easily save both grids and hopefully not die.

The achievement popped up for me and I had like 8 deaths :s

Okay i will try! Thx!

It Works! Thx!

The 'cheev is one of the worst ideas in history. All it ends up doing is promoting hiding. Had to play this 3 times to get a full 4 people defending the objective (the previous times resulting in a failed mission. I know if I try again to get the 'cheev for myself, there will still be people AFKing.