No earnable Cosmetics

So I’ve been really trying to enjoy infinite and while the gameplay is good there is nothing to work towards without paying money.

I along with a lot of others hate the micro transaction business model, I understand why it works but it’s extremely anti consumer and when it is so obviously a cash grab it really puts me off playing the game
(1 earnable visor that is also available for a limited time yet 9+ armor sets/colours in the store) there at least needs to be some Armor sets you can EARN in game through achievements or impressive feats (thinking Helioskrill from halo 5), right now there is 1 visor you can earn and that’s only if you can complete every garbage weekly challenge.

Speaking of weekly challenges and the battlepass in general, it’s also extremely anti consumer and might be the worst battlepass I’ve seen, almost all the free rewards are xp boosts and challenge re rolls, the challenge system it self is so obviously designed to sell battlepass level skips. I can’t fathom how 343 think that insane obscure challenges that are not swappable without a silly token are a good thing for the game, right now I am soft locked in the battle pass because my challenges are:
Get a kill with a shock chain (idek how to do this I assume jump lighting with the disruptor rifle to another player but cmon there is no way someone is getting a kill that way without extreme luck)
complete 3 slayer matches (in 8.5 hours play time I have had 2 slayer matches)
Return your flag in pvp 3 times (in 8.5 hours play time I have had 3 CTF games 2 of which the enemy did not even pick up our flag once so no returns)
And these are not the worst, I’ve seen some people with get 5 kills with the repulsor or kill a wraith that only spawns 1/10 BTB games, these challenges are so obviously meant to be near impossible without sinking in literal hours to complete one that the only explanation can be they are meant to be like this to sell challenge rerolls which are also RNG and could give you another insane challenge and all this stuff was pointed out during the flights and has been ignored its actually shameless at this point.
And for some unknown reason you cant search for a specific game mode like what why how does this make it to live

So my options are

  1. just sit there and just hope I get either slayer / CTF.
  2. Join a game, if its not the game mode I need, leave, I know this sounds scummy but when each game lasts around 10+ minutes + 2-3 to find a game and load in there is no way a person who plays a few hours a day can ever hope to complete this pass when only 1/10 games they play they can actually do their challenge.
  3. pay real money…
  4. Try to complete the pass on daily challenges (Will never work you’ll probably be pass lvl 10 by the end of the season doing it this way :rofl:
  5. Don’t do the challenges and thus don’t progress the pass at all because challenges are the ONLY way to level up the pass

Only getting battle pass xp from challenges is another massive problem, the way it feels at the moment for me is if I am in a game I must be working on challenges to progress the battle pass, I never go into a game and just have fun playing it’s always “Oh better grab that shotgun even though I hate it but I need a kill with it, Oh better run around the map with a repulsor trying to knock vehicles into players because I need to squish a player with the repulsor for a challenge, Oh better leave this game of stockpile because I need to play slayer” you get the point earning 0 xp for playing a game makes the game all about completing challenges and not just enjoying the halo sandbox we all love to play in.

As a very goal oriented player I need something to work towards to stay invested but between the absolutely awful battlepass and no cosmetics to work towards without opening your wallet I have zero motivation to play the game which is a real shame because the core gameplay is great but the monetization and and lack of respect for my time and effort has completely killed it for me, the free to play business model might make a shed load of money but the vast majority of players hate it, there is no barrier to entry for cheaters, it makes in game shops a requirement, it does not respect a player’s time/money and most of all it taints the prestige of the game, where before if you saw someone in some badass Armor you knew that player worked hard for it, now you have to wonder if they just opened their wallet.

I’m still looking forward to the campaign and I will likely be buying it after launch assuming its not a broken mess but as for the multiplayer I’m probably not going to end up playing much long term and I sure as hell am not spending any money in the store and if 343 are not careful they will drive away loyal players, we can see this happening in other games where they focus too much on making obscene amounts of money that they drive away their core players and eventually its just the whales left with no one to play with

I’m interested to know how other players are getting on with the battlepass/challenge system or if it’s just me having a bad time and also if people would prefer to pay upfront for a game then a battle pass every few months and not have it riddled with shop microtransactions.

P.S I understand that live service games need to make money passed initial sales so I would like to clarify that while I don’t like microtransaction shops in games I don’t have anything against battlepasses as long as they respect a players time and are not obviously designed to sell level skips.
A battlepass needs to be completable in a reasonable amount of time (Right now my rough estimate suggests that you need to play 5+ hours a day while prioritising completing challenges in order to finish the battlepass in 3 months which is what 343 say a normal season will last for),
an extra £10 or so every few months is fine in my book so long as that extra money translates into extra content (and not extra content for the shop)