> I recently purchased halo 4s newest DLC known as the champions bundle. Upon downloading I went to my Spartan and took a look at all the awesome New armor and weapons. I customized my character with some new stuff and proceeded to select the champions DLC matchmaking option. I found enough players to start a game and it took us to voting. All 3 pictures for the maps were missing which didn’t strike me as a problem just a loading error. The map was than selected and began to load. I was than rerouted to the main menu. So I tried again and again and again and the same problem continued to occur. I tried different matchmaking options to see if it was a connection problem but they all worked. So I went into forge to look at the New maps and upon selecting them I was severely disappointed. Neither map would load and at the bottom of the screen it suggested I was missing DLC. So I downloaded it again. No fix. I looked in my downloads and the most recent item there was the bullseye pack which I never downloaded to begin with, I downloaded the champions bundle. If any one knows how to fix this please help because I am severely unsatisfied with my purchase.

This was posted a few days ago and I share the same problem but I deleted all my DLC in the hope I might fully refresh it. Sadly this also had no effect like in the post above, but now I have discovered an additional problem I can now no longer load any off the DLC.

Is there any solution to this problem???

Recently. Downloaded. The champions. Bundle. And after I customized. My Spartan. I went to custom games and tried to play the ricochet game typeand I could not find it in the game types. I really wanted to creat a ricochet map can someone give me some help?