No decent players aren't for visible ranks

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No, this is your third post. Liar, liar, plants for hire!

> Hello, this is my first post on these forums. I have been lurking for a very long time but I had to get this off my chest.
> I have NEVER seen a half decent player AGAINST a visible ranking system. Everytime I see some idiot on these forums that likes Reach’s atrocious ranking system or want something like it in Halo 4 I go to their profile and then find their gamertag. I then look up their gamertag online and look at their Halo 3 stats/info. Every single person I have come across is an absolute SCRUB at halo and are so incredibly awful that if I had a 150 inch TV with a 5 minute response time I would still crush them in a 1v1.
> In Halo 3, I am sure that most people would agree that <mark>if you are not a level 40 you suck. If you are below a level 35 then you are a certified BK and I don’t see how a human being could play halo on a regular basis and be less than a level 30 without being legally blind.</mark>
> Every Reach noob against a ranking system is a certified BK. I have seen people with high skills as pathetically low as 13. Many have been in the teens are nobody has even been a 35. They all have more assault rifle kills than BR kills because they don’t know how to play halo and they all have negative KD’s against PATHETIC competition.
> The big man that has all the power is Frankie. Frankie has complete control over Halo 4 matchmaking. That’s right, a level 33 scrub in Halo 3 controls Halo multiplayer. What a fail.
> Halo is a competitive FPS, unlike Call of Duty. Therefore, it will never attract the mass casual fanbase that CoD has. They are catering to the garbage players, most of which have little loyalty to the franchise and are usually just as loyal to CoD as they are halo

Flamebaiting. Reported.

Not good to point out members in these forums. Best just to stay out of trouble.

Oh btw, I don’t care for a visible ranking system :slight_smile:

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