No custom game browser?

Is there really no custom game browser? I can’t find it anywhere. My friends are offline, so I can’t play any of the custom games that require more than 2 people. No infection, anything.

Is there any other way to find custom games?


in the spring they are releasing custom game browser once they see how much time ppl invest in forge

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Releases 7 March

That’s so stupid. Why release it after forge so It flops because noone is able to acess large-scale forge games? It should’ve been alongside forge.


You could try :slight_smile:

TBH with LFG posts on xbox, discord, waypoint, and other sites, it is not hard to find a group to play customs with. But I agree completely that we should have gotten the browser along with everything else.

It’s like 343 wants to fail on purpose lmfao

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