No credits for the recent weekly challenge?

I played the challenge for Firefight in which you must play a whole mission co-op on heroic or harder with four sets with meh friend, Jadin12, and he had to go out to eat about 90 minutes into the game, but he set his controller upside down so he’d still be moving. (LOL) I beat the rest of the challenge (pant wheeze), and then I didn’t get the credits. THE 30000 CREDITS MAN!!! Someone please, help me!

How long did you spend on it?

As far as I can tell, you got the credits but it wasn’t mentioned on the payout screen after the game ended, IIRC the Endure challenge has never done that.

Your credits will have added onto your cR count before you ended the game.

Also, just to clarify, you did end the game after you hit Set 5?