No credit for Campaign Commendations


Finished up the Reach Campaign on Normal early in the morning on the 15th (who didn’t, eh?), went looking around at all the details in the menu and came across the Commendations for the Campaign (Cannon Fodder, Pinpoint, Walking Tank, etc.)…Where I had almost ZIP for score. It said I hadn’t even touched the Campaign! I was at 0 days 0:00:00 play time. No missions completed, no enemies killed (though I have the Live/Gamerscore/Achievements for completing each chapter and completing the Campaign on normal).
All the while I see friends coming out of the Campaign with a Sergeant rank while I’m still at Corporal grade 2, but only because of my Matchmaking time.
It’s petty, I know, but I really want credit for all those commendations that I know I should have, I killed millions of grunts with headshots! The only commendation credit I have now is for my progress through the Campaign on Heroic.
The only thing I can think of is the fact that halfway through the Campaign I was signed out of Live. I left it, because I didn’t need it for Campaign. I can’t imagine why that would affect it, it’s all local information. It’s been a couple days now, thought it might be some kind of lag, but no such luck. Still no credit for playing the Campaign on Normal.

Any ideas or suggestions?

Your guess is correct. Offline profiles do not have access to the commendations feature. Check the Halo: Reach Support FAQ (Credits, Challenges, Commendations, Achievements) for additional information. Hope you start earning more Campaign Commendations soon. :slight_smile:

That’s uh…that’s unfortunate.
Heh, I can get Gamerscore achievements for completing missions and the game while offline but not Campaign Commendations, even though they’re accessible through the menu. Le sigh. You’d think it would just sync up next time it connected.
It’s petty, but I feel ripped off.

Oh, and thank you for your reply and patience (obviously I didn’t read the FAQ close enough), it’s much appreciated.

You are very welcome for the reply. Maybe this will be a good excuse to play through the campaign again? :slight_smile:

Yup, just finished Heroic! What a pile of Commendations!