No communication is the biggest issue right now

I get that a lot of the staff is on holiday and you can’t fix everything yet (shouldn’t have an in game shop or released the game yet then), but the fact that there is no communication from 343i with the exception of the same copy paste non statements they keep giving people is what annoys me the most.

Basically ever single statement we have gotten from 343i is that they hear us and will work on it at some point with no mention of when they will start working on it, what exactly they will try to do or even what they will fix specifically or what they will priorotize. What will be fixed first and when? Crashing issues on PC? BTB not working? Melee being broken causing you to have to melee 3-4 times to kill someone? Where is the road map? This isn’t something that requires a massive amount of staff to do. You can post a list of known issues on Waypoint, give a map of what you will prioritize first and pin it to the top and even link to it in-game in a few hours with like 3 people.


Yes, but then Xbox/3431/microsoft would have to deal with the internet/gaming culture that would tear it to pieces no matter what and it would just cause negative marketing…
An official response is something that youtubers etc can officially go with and make all their videos about…

Sometimes it is better to just remain silent and then update the community when you have something to give them!

When a fix/updates are ready they will speak more to combine the answers to the community with the announcement of concrete things or even releases.

Game doesn’t really get negative press right now…other than here.


They are getting negative press from youtubers and the gaming community for the issues, and not talking about it makes it worse. Transperency from gaming companies have only ever been celebrated by the actual gamers with the exception when they say they are unable to ever fix something. And if that is the case for Halo Infinite, it won’t last long anyways.

The game is bleeding players horribly partly because they refuse to say anything. If the playerbase knew that they knew about issues and what they will prioritize, it would only help retain players because it would give them assurance that at some point they will work on it.

PC is literally unplayable for some people. For me for instance, I can’t play for more than 20 mins without crashing to the desktop. I’ve made a ticket, but the only response I get is the same copy paste respone I got for every other bug I’ve reported.


I get what you are saying but i state a reason…for a reason.

I didn’t say this for nothing and I understand if you dont agree with it…
I is a tactic used in business and isn’t something I made up ahahaha. Just stating this isn’t the first time this has happened for a reason.
If you don’t have any good news to give at the moment…dont give any…it is a thing

I understand your frustration though

Oh I know it’s a thing, but it’s also something that will never work in the gaming community again.
It also shows that they don’t actually care about the community at all.


I would like to know what happened to " I’d rather have a good game late than a bad game early" nonsense cause I’m tired of playing or rather trying to have fun in MM. The lack of communication is frustrating.


I can remember bungie when they launched halo reach and like in the first few days they posted an apology and they’re making patches and improvements to leveling up as we speak. 343 just laugh at the fact people are buying their nail polish and cat ears.


Any live service game should have a road map, plain and simple. The game released with barely enough content for a month, never mind an “extended” season of 5 months.


They really should put out a solid roadmap and stick to it. So far all we’re getting is empty promises and bandaid fixes.


Agreed. I want to love the game, I really do, but it’s in a” let me love you” situation.


It’s them saying will get to it when we feel like it, that they don’t care to communicate.

It’s like when the CM"s on the Destiny forum constantly repeating the same one liner “I’ll take this to the devs” like a broken record knowing them nor the devs actually have a say in anything.

Companies today are so out of touch with their player base it’s stupid.


Lol go google kotaku Halo, and youll find how sorely mistaken that thought is. Funnily
enough, they arent even criticizing Halo for its obvious flaws. Theyre pointing out nonsensical BS that has little to do with mechanics

im guessing their in the midst of working on somthing and dont have the time at the moment to say anything I mean they just got back in the office form holiday so I dont expect any communication until they are back in the groove of it

Day 3 of being back from vacation and these guys still haven’t addressed us about what their focus will be for fixing this clearly poorly made game.

BTB has been broken since December 8th and all we know so far is that they have no idea what is wrong and will “get back at it in the new year”

So does that mean they will patch BTB back in a working state with Forge and COOP?

Is there a roadmap for new maps and modes or do we just get crappy stickers each week forever?

Such a disgrace of a game as it stands.

I’d gladly let them undo their FTP crap and take money to play multiplayer and actually put some effort into making it good so they can’t cop out saying “Oh it’s free to play”


Dumbest thing ever right here —> “Yes, but then Xbox/3431/microsoft would have to deal with the internet/gaming culture that would tear it to pieces no matter what and it would just cause negative marketing…
An official response is something that youtubers etc can officially go with and make all their videos about…
Sometimes it is better to just remain silent and then update the community when you have something to give them!!”

Seriously homie, you think with how much is wrong and broken, the devs should bury their head in the sand with no communication? You really think getting communication from the devs about complaints would, " cause negative marketing…?" Are you aware of the negative critical “negative marketing” happening since release?

Major fallacy, the more silence in the face of broken crap, the more backlash, frustration, rage, and NEGATIVE marketing.
Silence is Not the answer.

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Maybe some of them haven’t got jobs to go back too… not saying it’s true- but worse things have happened in life… reshuffle - department restructure!

Honestly I get the feeling that 343 didn’t actually have alot of content ready.

And this lack of communication, the bare bones game launch, the season extended, no word on when we will get Co Op or Forge…

It’s just them buying themselves time, to actually fill on some content.

To me the bare minimum basic armors and Colors does not count as content.

I already see through their crap. The whole giving us 10 default colors and trying to sell us the 50 other default colors from Halo 5 while locking stuff to cores so they can re sell us Red three different times. Like which Moron actually paid three separate times to buy Scarlet wake red, scarlet Skies, and the Yoroi one… All the same red.

Also we are all.ost 6 days into the month and no word on these Cosmetics that gamepass members are sapoosed to get.

I think 343 right now is trying to patch up a bunch of holes in the damn, with 2 hands.

This lack of communication means that the expectations of blowing us out of the water are going to increase…

Nail polish coatings isn’t going to cut it either.

But who knows I honestly fundementally believe that 343 is showing they are becoming incompetent.

Like how in the crap does Microsoft even let their flagship Game get this much slack off


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Well don’t forget we also got nail polish promotions you bet your sweet butt that those are gonna work. 343 is probably working on Waifu pillow warhog skins they’re probably busy with that. Then actually fixing anything else. Also fire Bonnie Ross :man_shrugging:t3:

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Most of staff is more than likely on Holiday, coming off probably this week/next week. We just gotta wait until the Holiday period is over, more likely there isn’t a team working on it right now. :rofl:

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Two words for you Bonnie Ross. 10 years of Halo failures. Now I’m not trying to say she’s trying to 2016 Ghostbusters, oceans eight, last of us two, The last Jedi. The Halo Franchise but……

Ross argues that game developers have a “personal responsibility” to avoid gendered stereotyping in their games, as well as taking action against sexist abuse. She recalled that for every character in Halo 4 , “we were very deliberate in thinking about who should be female and who should be male in the game, and if we came off stereotypical, we went back to question what we were doing and why.”[[22]]( Ross has also focused on introducing more racial and gender diversity to the video games.

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