No Collision is garbage!

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This is beyond a joke now. Player collision needs to be implemented ASAP.

I couldn’t give a flying squirrel how this comes across. I need to vent my frustration. Whoever made that decision is an idiot!

It breaks the game.

In general, I don’t understand how this game received rave reviews. So many problems that don’t need to be prevalent.


Couldn’t agree more. I can’t count how many times I’ve been 1 “shot” meleed from the front because of this. And no, is not 1 shot 1 melee, its just one melee, from the front, full shields, no shots, died like if it was a from behind kill. And it’s all because of the lame collisions, I mean, non existent collisions.

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You can thank the minority who wanted Player Collision Disabled which is causing all the Melee Reg issues


One time I was shooting someone coming at me and they went shadow clone jutsu on me and multiplied :family_man_man_boy_boy:

It breaks the combat in several ways. It’s just a stupid decision to remove it.

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Not to mention…It comes off as very very very cartoonish, breaking the realism and immersion.


If I had one squirrel to throw regarding the problems. It would be thrown at this.

I’d need around 12 squirrels to fix my joint 2nd problems with this game.

I do meet collision now… but it’s so inconsistent.
Pisses me off that someone can warp into me as I melee lunge them but they snap back and kill me in one hit.

The lack of player collision is the worst thing Halo infinite gameplay has right now, sometimes, me and my rival are confused because we are trasspassing each other

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It defo needs changing, it makes combat so much more frustrating

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Yes. It needs to be in for enemies and allies, all round.

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It’s another really annoying thing they’ve done that kind of raises hell with the tactical element of the game which to me is based on real world physics and what you expect to happen in a given situation.

It’s not a deal breaker but it’s certainly an annoyance. To me it’s similar to having no radar or radar that’s crap. Not a deal breaker but an annoyance.

Speaking strictly for myself I wish 343 would keep the annoyances to a minimum, because Halo 4 and 5 were supremely annoying and I actually amaze myself that I’m playing this one.

I want to keep playing but if any more annoyances crop up I don’t know. My biggest annoyance with Infinite remains that it seems pretty hard for an average player (me) to find a home in this game.

Who ever came up with this decision must be beaten on the streets. That’s the player collision they’ll get if this is not fixed.

I actually find it interesting that you can even one shot melee from the rear? We have shields right … do the shields have less protection at the back from guns? If not, then why melee one shot anyways? Or is it the velocity shield style thing from that movie or TV series where you have to actually hit them slower, maybe Stargate?