No code yet

I hate to add to the list of locked threads, but I’ll be polite about this.

I haven’t received a specialization code yet. My email address for my Live account is valid. The email was not deleted, and the spam folder was checked. I received no message on my Xbox Live Message Center, not the first one, nor the reminder email.

Please give me some kind of reply that’s not just copy-pasting the same post by an admin; I do not know why I did not get my code, and I’d like some assistance and am willing to provide any details necessary to overcome this concern.

Gamertag: Pook and Pie
I am a US resident and citizen
I played Halo 4 on the night of launch nightly through November 20th
I am 25 years of age.

Please advise, thank you.

Specialization codes have been distributed. For more information on the distribution process, check this post: