No Co-op campaign

Read an article on IGN today that said Infinite will not have co-op campaign until May 2022. Not sure about you guys but that is simply unacceptable.

Halo campaigns, for me, have always been about playing with friends and family.

I will not be purchasing the campaign until it has working co-op.


Bit late but yeah that a 50/50 split bud. A lot of us aren’t happy about that, and will be waiting. Some are waiting just for forge or firefight. Halo infinite is not in a good state. Even in “Beta”


This news is months old…

You don’t even need to buy the Campaign, it’ll be on GamePass. The threat of not putting your money out for it isn’t really that important anymore. MP microtransactions are where profits are anyway.

It was a matter of delay the game again to include CoOp or just release it. I’d rather them just let us play at this point and a lot of people feel the same way, 6 years has been a long long time.

Nothing is stopping you from playing CoOp when it launches later.

Actually this news is 1 hour old. Can’t post link but article is called halo-infinite-campaign-co-op-and-forge-mode-releases-pushed-back by IGN

Originally it was delayed 3 months. Now they’re saying 6 months after release.

Everyone should do what they feel. Personally, I find it offensive that they are trying to sell me a full price campaign without co-op for half a year

I will be waiting.


There are quite a few things that are unacceptable. 6 years of development has led to a SP campaign and a MP that is focused purely on making money. I want to know why the campaign is $60 if the MP is so and so free. We have been paying $60 for Halo for 15 years. It really quite irks me.

Personally I’ll still be playing the game, I’ve already paid for it and I am looking forward to the campaign, but its extremely disappointing that they’re delaying relatively important features yet again, while wasting time fixing -Yoink!- that should have been fixed ages ago with the multiplayer…

They insist the multiplayer is ‘free to play’ but punish people buying the actual game, when surely that should have priority? Instead theyre messing with MP purely because they refused to fix it based on feedback from months ago.

Their focus should be more on getting the campaign ready since that’s the ‘paid’ aspect, instead they’re trying to bleed their playerbase dry of cash with their cosmetic shop.

Also if their season 1 length is doubled, what content are we getting in place of the extra 3 months we have if season 2 isn’t dropping?

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