No Clans or Guilds?

I am new to this site but I have been playing Halo for quite a few years. One thing I always wondered though is if there are any way or future content to allow for creating clans or guilds? I think it would be great for the community to be able to also wear Clan logos on the armor as well. A separate clan chat channel lobby outside of matches would useful as well. Frankly I’m surprised it hasn’t been implemented already being that Halo has been around a few years already.

I never have a chance really to talk to anyone in-game since hardly anyone uses a headset anymore it seems or I would of asked before. Maybe even someday Halo will have a ladder tournament system with clan vs. clan matches and all the website scoreboards, etc.

It was done in Halo 2, and was basically just an underused, glorified friends list.

As for clan “logos” you’ve got emblems…that are on your armor.
As for a separate clan chat lobby…you have private parties.
As for clan tournaments, you have

No extra features are needed. Halo and Xbox already give you the tools you need to do everything you suggested.

Sure, they give the tools but since they don’t specifically advertise the uses for guilds, it’s not very practical. Especially since they don’t even have a recruitment section setup on these forums, disappointing.

Actually, a recruitment section in the forums would fall under my “advertisement forum” suggestion I made in another thread.

They shouldn’t have to advertise the social tools as being usable for a clan, that you should be able to figure out by yourself. I also find the tools very practical, though I don’t participate in “clans”.

Having a leader who knows the tools is great but “user-friendly” is what most gamers like imo. And since not everyone is born automatically with the knowledge about the tools, it would help if the devs could post stickies or guides for new clans. With the tools all scattered and some not even known that they exist, isn’t what I call user-friendly.

They had it in Halo 2 were you had a friends list of 100 people that you played private/social/custom games with. Then a clan list of 100 people to play matchmaking with since all games types were ranked. You could give 4 ranks basically, Leaders, officers, members, and recruits. There was also a clan playlist.

Now you have a silver account used as a clan list, you have are random free website, gamebattles for match making, then the clan name and rank in your bio.

I wouldnt hate having a full on clan system, with the ability to have visual identification of rank and power in the actual game, even going as far has having a tree of groups, and even being able to add groups, and putting groups in other groups, to get a full military tree, with squads, etc