No character voices

I donwload the game yesterday, i had to stop and continue the download much times, but it works except for one thing…
My Character like Kapitän James Cutter and all Spartens and that guy in the Tutorial have no voice.
I played the first mission and the only voice i heard was the 28 Years old KI.
After that knowledge i stop playing and sought a solution, but i find nothing.

I play on PC Windows 10 Version 1607
64 bit System
Intel Core i7-4790K CPU@ 4.00GHz
graphic card - AMD Radeon R9 200 Series (8GB)

Gamertag - elTDrunK

I have the same Problem. After reinstall it worked 1 time now i have the same problem again.

I’m having same problem on Xbox One.

I’m playing HW2 PC version.
Since Feb balance update released, I have this issue too.

Today March patch released.
But "no voice bug"on Windows 10 version didn’t fix still now …:frowning:
I believe it will be fix in the future.