No Campaign Continuation. Files Corrupted

Is anyone else having an issue where they can’t continue the campaign? I left to go eat dinner, came back and hit continue. Timer counts 3…2…1… then nothing. No load bar or anything.

Anyone having this issue and has anyone who has found a fix? Tried uninstalling and reinstalling already as well as trying to load previous saves. Nothing. I’ve submitted a ticked to support already but just wanna see if anyone else has an answer.

Edit: Seems reddit users are having the same issue as well.

Edit 2: It appears the problem is corrupted fires with Xbox Gamer Services. This issue is not on the steam version. Only the Xbox Game Pass version.


Same issue. I’m using Gamepass on PC. The first time I was about 45 minutes in and it wouldn’t load my last save point. I tried a new save, this time I did an hour and a half and I can’t get it to load. Each time after I took a break and came back I noticed the game would load my last save point and my character would instantly die, then I wouldn’t be able to load again.

The second time around I made sure to see how long the game tracked my progress and it said 2% complete and 1 hour and 34 minutes. Now it says 2% complete but only 10 seconds played.

Are you using Steam, Xbox app, or console?


I’m using Xbox Game app on PC. And I had the same issue. When I came back from break it loaded one time and I kept dying immediately then it stopped and won’t load anymore.

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I have the exact same problem, frustrating to say the least. Any idea how to fix it, or any workaround?

That’ll be $19.99 to continue your campaign… Okay, jokes aside, I’m honestly thinking now that 343 just wants your money instead of making a good game, i’ve seen this through multiplayer and Ske7tch and now i’m seeing this in campaign at least through the forums.

How can they ALWAYS never deliver a full product? Like why there are always problems or issues, and I’m not talking about small bugs here :sob:


Ask 343, I honestly can’t answer you without jokes or speculation because I don’t work there I can only work off of observations and my own expirence with the game…

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That’s what I suspected. I think all of the posts I’ve read about this issue involves players using Xbox app on PC

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Unfortunately not. I’m currently working with support to find a fix.

I don’t get that impression at all. Multiplayer is great. I completely understand Ske7tch point of view as well.

Yeah the Xbox app on PC is trash at best to be honest. But Steam has its own issues with this game as well.

I’ve opened a ticket with support as well, but no answers so far. Fingers crossed the problem is gonna get fixed by the weekend…even though I’m not confident at ALL.

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Yeah that would be ideal as I’d love to finish campaign but I’m not getting my hopes up.

Sadly i’m gonna have to say, that’ll cost you $5.99USD PER GAME needing fixed, so joke aside, I wouldn’t count on it…

Same issue - and it was borked on my System X and on my PC - so it looks like the online game save might be getting corrupted - neither version of the game would load the campaign.

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Yeah I see it happening on every platform at this time.

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I posted this on another thread about this same issue:

“Ended up buying it Steam and have zero issues with loading my save points. Exited the game numerous times and loaded my checkpoints without a problem. It’s definitely something with xbox and where it stores the save data.”

It seems to be an Xbox issue because in that thread someone mentioned console players also experiencing the problem. So much for saving money by playing it on Game pass :confused:

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opened a ticket for this yesterday, only response i got was

make sure you complete the first mission

I laughed and responded with, ive beaten the first boss 5 times and reach the first outpost 5 times… Havent heard from him since (its been over 24 hours since communication broke down on my ticket)


What an effin joke. Wow.

its an issue with gamepass and the game. I wouldnt blame 343 completely since the game works fine on steam but with 343 being a microsoft developer and game pass being a microsoft service, MICROSOFT probably should of TESTED this beforehand. (Especially since this was promoted as a day 1 game on gamepass to push gamepass sales. sorry for the caps for emphasis haha)

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Yep its an Xbox app on PC issue I’m thinking.

Yeah I haven’t gotten any help from them either.