No armor unlocks in the Campaign

I feel this is important because it is starting to get traction and it’s a staple of halo. (Like finding all skulls in halo 3)

The campaign should have armor.
*1. For beating it.
2. Finding it in lockers (like come on. Dont call them armor lockers if they don’t have armor in them)
*3. Legendary unlock
4. Skull unlock
5. Completing (100%) side missions (so like all the bases for ab example)

I get the game is on gamepass, but even for the people who bought it. PUT ARMOR IN IN THE CAMPAIGN!!!

This whole talk, “well it’s a company we have to earn money somehow.” Is the biggest load of bs I ever heard. Why? The campaign is $60, you’re earning money. Don’t punish the players for the mistakes you (the company) made.

I could have honestly forgave the paywall (battle pass, not the $20 armor crap) in mp if the campaign had armor earned achievements.

I just call them lucky bags because… well your right theres no armour

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It’s kinda silly that they can throw all that armor in the battlepass and the store but you really only get recolors, nameplates and emblems in the armor lockers you find during the campaign. It honestly feels like a token to shut us up.

On a side note, can we just stop acting like gamepass is some sort of benevolent free access to games? That’s really not what it is. You pay microsoft a price that they have determined for access to these games over a set period of time that they have also determined. You are paying for a service. It is a fantastic service but let’s not lose perspective here and realize that you are still a paying customer when you have gamepass