No amount of wishing will make this game good

The problems in this game are so deeply rooted, no amount of wishing for the game to be good will make it so. Between horrendous game play problems, and blatant cheating, the player population is going to dwindle. If 343 doesn’t add a PVE play-list soon, I’m afraid the game is done, all that will be left will be the cheaters to duke it out to see who has the best cheats.


if “The problems in this game are so deeply rooted” then what will adding a PVE mode accomplish?

I dunno, that’s what I was wondering myself lol.

I think the game is awesome. There’s just no content. Where’s the forge maps in a playlist? Where is the career progression system? Where’s an objective playlist? Where’s anything?

I get bored as hell because There’s nothing to do.

Put a good amnt of stuff into the game, stop putting tiny drops of content in every 7 months and we’ll be alright. And add the darn Career progression system already WITH GOOD XP parameters tied to medals/objective/Kills and wins and anything else in to make it feel like we’re progressing. Don’t half butt it.


Kinda sounds like you just don’t have something you enjoy yet. Stick to MCC’s firefight while you wait.

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I like how his thread is talking about Infinite being a failure thenm all the sudden “anyways ima talk about PVE” and then just gives up to followup on that.

Exactly right. Why have Forge if there is no PlayList for them? It’s like management has no idea what people are working on and then just shove whatever they produce out the door as soon as “someoene” says it’s ready. There is no game plan.

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There was never a playlist for forge in the older games, and they didn’t need one. What the game needs is pre and post game lobbies and to not have voice chat disabled as default.