No Air Vehicles, A Commentary by Sarge

Sarge: (Sigh) It’s so good to be playing halo 5.
Simmons: What’s up Sarge?
Sarge: Oh nothing; just looking at the view.
Simmons: You know there is this new weather system right?
Sarge: Yeah.
Simmons: It kind of freaks me out.
Sarge: Why is that?
Simmons: Because the weather just changes randomly. It’s not even realistic.
Sarge: WOAH! The whole place is shaking!
Computer: SNOW
Simmons: See? It just appears out of nowhere.
Grif: Hey Sarge: I think the fridge just froze.
Grif: and Simmons? I think your new vase just broke. As well as my spine.
Simmons: Oh what?! My mother gave me that vase!
Sarge: So what? This new weather system is instantaneous! We can change it to whatever weather we want.
Simmons: but wait, who is changing the weather?
Sarge: Oh no.
Caboose: Now I want pancakes!
Church: Caboose! What did I tell you about messing with the new computer!?
Sarge: This is getting out of hand!
Simmons: Don’t worry sir, as everyone knows, we can call the UNSC and get some transport.
Sarge: Good thinking Simmons! You know, I always wanted to reach the other side of the ocean from this island.
Simmons: Let’s get a Falcon then.
Sarge: A what now?
Simmons: You know, a Falcon. Those air vehicles that were made by the UNSC.
Sarge: …
Simmons: The ones from Halo Re–
Grif: Yeah, I just called the UNSC, they uh… they stopped producing and manufacturing Falcons.
Simmons: WHAT!?
Sarge: What!?
Simmons: Well how long will it take for them to be produced again?
Grif: Give me a second. Uh huh. Yeah. What? Okay.
Sarge: What did they say?
Grif: They said we are going to have to wait an extra three months for the Falcon.
Simmons: Oh come on!
Sarge: Well, at least we have the banshee.
Grif: And the new Phaeton.
Simmons: But no one here knows how to pilot those things. Were Spartans remember?
Sarge: Your right, we will just make our own then!
Sarge: Grif, plan a.
Grif: Okay sir.
Simmons: What? Plan a? What plan a?
Sarge: the start of making our own Falcon.
Simmons: You mean you planned this?!
Sarge: Just shut up and—
Grif: Oh no, not again!


this looks like a machinima script

> 2533274873014868;2:
> this looks like a machinima script

Thanks! I worked hard on it. If there are any mistakes I will improve.