No aim assist on controller

Idk why this is a thing but I’ve never had any aim assist on controller I never once have used kb&m. I’m on an original Xbox one. Can y’all please fix this.

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Are you saying there is no aim assist on controller currently? If I understand you correctly I’d say I disagree. AA is about the same its always been in my experience.

There is aim assist on controller. But it breaks with alarming regularity. It’s handled server side so if you have high ping, a slow/old system, limited bandwidth, your aim assist will be crap. There’s also a semi-confirmed glitch that aim assist just turns off when your shields pop

AA has been super inconsistent for me. I’ve had my reticle drawn by a vehicle passing behind a far away player yet it feels almost non-existent mid-close range. I don’t mind it as-is if we could just get input settings. I feel like we’re at a disadvantage against m/kb players.