No Achievements For 2 H3 Missions Months Ago

I played through all 4 games on Normal (since I’m 62 and just started playing). When I check Achievements for H3 it shows that I didn’t get credit for Tsavo Highway and Ark. On the main game screen it shows the 4 games and shows 10/10,15/15,11/11,10/10 showing I finished all missions. If I go to H3 Missions it shows that I finished all of them on Normal, even Tsavo Highway and the Ark. By not getting these achievements I am out 20G plus whatever I get for finishing H3 on Normal.

The biggest problem is I am not getting the Veteran Achievement for finishing the series on Normal-it shows 38/40. I don’t know where the 40 comes from since there are 46 missions but the 38 is from missing the 2 achievements I’m talking about.

Can anyone fix this for me? I played this months ago so it not like I need to wait for the servers.

I just finished Reach on Heroic also and I got the Gamerscore points for it on XB1 but it doesn’t look like there is a running total for all missions completed between the 360 and the XB1. Is there a way to check how many missions have been completed for my account for all games? I’m starting ODST on Heroic now and would like those missions to count towards the total finished.

Help, Thanks

Well since nobody replied or told me any way to fix this, I just replayed the 2 missions and got credit for both of them right away. There must have been server problems the first time I played so if that happens you’re just screwed.
On the plus side ODST just dloaded and installed in 5 minutes and works fine so that helps-a little. Much better than nothing. It’s kind of crazy timing because I just finished Reach on the 360 and played the first mission of ODST on the 360 but now I can play it on the XB1.

343 has at least 1 happy customer!