No Access to Multiplayer

I know that this type of post seems to be cropping up a lot lately, but I thought I would report on it anyway. I’m having severe issues with playing Halo 5:Guardians multiplayer. When I access multiplayer from the menu screen, Arena or Warzone, it either automatically puts me back at the main menu or it waits until the fourth step of matchmaking and kicks me out. This results in a message entitled “unable to join” or “Disconnected from local network” or “Disconnected from the Game Server”. On ocassion i can connect for one game, but this is sporadic. I’ve tried every possible fix i can think of including: deleting my profile and redownloading it, uninstalling and reinstalling Halo 5, power cycling, hard shutdown, changing the power source, changing DNS settings, etc. I’m at college so i don’t exactly have access to the router. This has been happening since Wednesday and I would very much like it if I could get some help with the issue.

At least you have access. I cant even get into multiplayer. I have uninstalled, reinstalled. Hard reset. you name it. Thanks 343. You have now joined the ranks of Electronic Arts…

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I pre odered the game digitally , I have the multiplayer update , but game connection/game servers are really bad .
Until this day I keep losing connection to the game server, I keep lagging out of every single match I play on multiplayer withing the first 5 min or so. Since I got the game I’ve only completed 1 full game out of so many ! It sure is frustrating to me, and sure is to others with similar problems as well . I’ve done everything I can do to try fixing this problem and yet still unable to access multiplayer matches. This is a problem. Halo 5 multiplayer basically unplayable to me . 343 needs to fix this problem… Any tips on how to fix this ?