No 4th of july nameplates in Halo?

I just hopped on mcc today to see if there was any nameplate unlock for 4th of July and nope there isn’t. No nameplate for United States of America’s birthday.

I don’t see one for Halo 5 nor for infinte.

But theres nameplates in MCC for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, spring

Also in mcc we have 3 LGBTQIA nameplates, BLM nameplate (which the people who made it used the people who supported them took the supporters money and ran away with it and it was created over a dead criminal that was seen as a hero.),
Native American heritage month nameplate,
Women’s History Month nameplate,
Black History Month nameplate,
Hispanic heritage month nameplate,
Menatl Health awareness month nameplate
Asiasn and Pacific Islander Heritage Month nameplate
and the Juneteenth nameplate.

Halo infinite has:
Pan africa nameplate (black freedom)
Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage month nameplate
Juneteenth nameplate
Mental Health Awareness nameplate
LGBTQIA nameplate (Unity)

There’s all these nameplates to celebrate all these other people of other places but nothing to celebrate our home. The same home where 343 is established in (USA).

343 is a joke honestly they can support everyone else even from other places outside of the US but not America’s birthday.

Don’t even go with the “well if they add an american flag nameplate for 4th of july they’ll have to add other countries flags” they can add flags on their days for people but 4th of July is our day and how is excluding america fair when you have nameplates for africa and Asia and Pacific islanders who are on opposite sides of the world from us.

I wouldn’t be surprised that this post gets flagged for being “inappropriate by the community” or “against community guidelines” about me telling the truth about BLM. If you don’t want to hear it don’t include it in your game 343.


Your whole halo policy is to expand to a broader audience so whats stopping you from expanding to a 4th of july nameplate, to expand to people who love the country we live in. (THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA)