No 4 Player Split Screen

I have 3 sons, and we frequently play 4 player split screen custom games on the Halo MCC, and I was really looking forward to playing this game with them as well but its not an option or at least I couldn’t figure it out.

I was able to get 2 player split to work but we had to take turns. Its not the same experience. Makes me a little sad. We’re just going to keep playing the MCC together.

Anyone else bummed about this one?


We haven’t had 4-player split screen in a mainstay title since Halo 4 and the MCC. I don’t have any use for it, but I would very much like it. Options never killed anyone.

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It just bums we out that I have few games I can play with my boys, just not many new ones. Like i said we play Halo MCC, Rocket League, Gang Beasts, and Minecraft. Its not a huge loss but i’m not a fan of where modern gaming is going.

There is just something great about being able to sit next to friends playing games together.

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Oh absolutely, and I can feel for that.

Way back when, splitscreen was how me and my brother played together on everything. MW3, Halo 4, Minecraft, all of that fun stuff.

The loss of it isn’t much to me anymore since we’re on independent consoles, but there really is something special about sitting down with your loved ones or friends and having a great time.

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This is weird because I saw @purifiedst0rm on Twitter share a photo of a 4 player split screen.

According to Twitter (I know, I know…) You can play 4-player split screen but Big Team Battle only supports 2-player split screen.

I don’t know which modes actually support 4-player. Hopefully it’s more than just custom games.

I believe arena has 4 player split.
I haven’t tried it.
We are more a coop campaign crew on a Friday night with a few beers.
But I hope you can figure it out and have a ball with your boys.

That would be great if it did support 4 player, even if it’s just custom games. I would love it if they brought back old school firefight with 4 player split screen. I know this is very specific but at this point in my life this is something I share with my kids, and would really love to play it a new game.

If anyone happens to find out if this is possible or how to set it up, I would love some directions/feedback on how to do this, or a link that would show us how.

Yes this is odd. Multiplayer is meant to have 4 player splitscreen for all modes except campaign while splitscreen coop was supposed to come later on at some point but 2 player only campaign splitscreen. This is rather puzzling since split-screen is a core feature of Halo. It was pretty stupid that it wasn’t in Halo 5 but they said they would add into Infinite due to the amount of complaints they got.

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