No 120 frames per sec on Series S

Not too happy that Halo won’t play at 1080p/120fps. I have a wife and kids and only had a certain amount to get my “halo setup” going. This was buying a Series S console + 120hz 24" gaming monitor. The series S made sense to me and I bought it mainly for Halo gaming along with the monitor. POed that I can only get 60hz now.

You can’t get 120fps with a Series X either. I have an $800 graphics card and cap out at 90fps, usually more around 70. The game is just optimized like crap. Take solace in the face that most people are having the same issue as you.

I feel like I’m losing 1v1s when I shouldn’t when the enemy is 1 shot due to input lag. My reactions and input lag is so much better on MCC when the game is running at 120fps. Hopefully they fix this for Infinite.

I’ve been getting 120 in my series s. It could be your tv settings.

I’ve got a BenQ EX2510 144hz monitor. It’s set to 120hz right now when I check it and it’s set correctly for the console… It’s broken for series S players. I don’t think you’re getting 120hz like you claim.

I am in a similar boat, I played the first flight and it was 120fps on the series s, got a new 144hz monitor ready for infinite and they disabled the 120hz mode completely!

It was quite blurry in 120fps mode, looked like it was sub 720p at times - but it was completely locked to 120fps without dips. There are youtube reviews of the first flight showing this too.

I can only guess they tried 120hz in BTB on the series S and thought it looked too bad so they scrapped the lot, but it is a shame.

You have to mess with the settings in series s when you first buy it. Mine came all jacked up. Not sure why they’d do that. But I’m on 1440 P 120 frames

Right. You can set your Hz in the display options in the Xbox settings but Infinite doesn’t play at 120 frames. It still plays at 60 frames.

That’s strange. I’m getting 120hz on mine. I know if HDR is enabled or if 4k is enabled it can lower your hz as well.

Is this for real? 120fps was my selling point for the Series S over X. Now I gotta re-evaluate. Thanks for bringing this up!

Input lag and FPS are different variables.

No you are not. It has been confirmed that the Series S does not do 120fps.

If you wanted 120 fps your first mistake was buying a console.

As a PC gamer this comment pisses me off. Consoles can very much achieve 120 FPS at 1080p. They can find tune everything to that because it is a closed system. The series X absolutely can play this game at 120fps at 1080p.

That’s not the point and I could not afford a $1700 gaming machine. We were all told Infinite would be playable at 120fps at 1080p on the series S so that’s what I got. They may patch it at a later time and give us that option but no need for that sny remark.

So… why doesn’t it then?

Because this is the series S.

Does the Series X get 120fps at 1080p?

Yes, it does… did you not read anything I posted?

I guess i was confused by your comment:

I thought you were saying that it can not that it does. Thank you for the clarity. Now I need to go do some research on the difference between S and X.

Vastly more GPU power and a .2 ghz clock speed on the CPU.